State Palace Cipanas

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Cipanas palace which is the Presidential Palace, located at the foot of Mount Gede, West Java. Precisely approximately 103 km from Jakarta to Bandung via Puncak direction. This palace is situated in the village of Cipanas, District Pacet, Cianjur. The area of ​​the palace complex is approximately 26 acres, but to date only 7760 m2 which is used for buildings. The rest is filled with plants and gardens are beautiful ornamental plants, vegetable gardens and plants that are organized like a small forest.
The word "Cipanas" comes from the Sundanese language, namely ci or cai meaning "water" and heat which means "hot". This area is called Cipanas because in this place there are hot springs, which contain sulfur, and who happened to be in the palace complex Cipanas.
Actually the main building of this palace was originally a private property a landlord Netherlands that was built in 1740. Since the reign of Governor-General Gustaaf Willem Baron van Imhoff, this building was used as a resort where Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies. Meanwhile, during the Japanese occupation of Indonesia, the building was only used as a haven Japanese dignitaries on their way from Jakarta to Bandung or vice versa.
Some of the buildings contained within the complex include Pavilion Yudhisthira, Bhima and Pavilion Pavilion Arjuna built in stages in 1916. Naming is done after Indonesia Merdeka, by President Sukarno. At the back a little to the north there is a "House bumps", which was built in 1954 while the two new buildings were constructed in 1983 Pavilion Pavilion Nakula and Sahadeva.
Every room in the Palace is equipped with furniture made of wood. In this palace tersimpa various collections of Jepara carving and painting of the painting maestro Indonesia as Basuki Abdullah, Dullah Sujoyono, and Lee Man Fong.

This building was designated as the Presidential Palace and is used as a resting place for President or Vice-President and his family after independence. 


Location: Village Cipanas, District Pacet
Coordinates: -6.733933,107.041605
Directions: 103 km from Jakarta to Bandung via Puncak direction
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