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 Prabu Siliwangi greatness name immortalized on the forest reserves as well as cultural attractions of this nature. You'll get while enjoying the local large trees and shade, while the springs are very clear and cold, making the Forest King Siliwangi identical as natural tourist attraction is cool lure.

The uniqueness that exist in the forest cover, amounting to tens of monkey community and living from tree to tree. Experience hands-on experience interacting with these animals because the monkeys were very familiar with the visitors. Moreover, in this forest there is also a clear, shallow water pool. This pool is equipped with a fish sculpture that functioned as a fountain.
Typically, the visitors make use of his time in the Forest King Siliwangi for swimming and some use it for just recreation - something which you can also COBE.
Location: Village Pajajar, District Rajagaluh
Coordinates: 6 ° 49 '23 "S, 108 ° 20' 18" E
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