Curug Cimahi

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Geologically Cimahi waterfall has been around since the early presence of Mount Sunda, which is now more famous for Mount Tangkuban Parahu. Cimahi waterfall fountain is derived from the springs of Mount Tangkuban Parahu.
This tourist attraction is located near the entrance which is on the road towards Lembang Cimahi. To reach the attraction with panoramic views of outstanding natural beauty, visitors must pass through a path-shaped staircase that led visitors to the destination. In the waterfall area Cimahi we can see very beautiful natural scenery, especially witnessing a splash waterfalls tumbling from the cliff as high as 85 meters.
The visitors who come to this area many of which continued its activities with swimming and bathing in the area near the waterfall. In addition to the clean water, cool water remedy, body, and the swift rebound waterfall that falls to the bottom surface of the ground adds to the joy and fun atmosphere while visitors visiting this area.

Address: District Cisarua
Coordinates: 6 47 '58 "S, 107 34' 39" E
Directions: 10 km from Cimahi toward the valley
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