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Find a wide selection of tempting snacks Cianjur distinctive taste. Centered along the highway Bandung - Cianjur, you'll be tempted to taste one of Cianjur typical snacks like sweets and pickles. Generally, candied and pickled is placed into a glass jar with a wide range of sizes, large, medium and small. The types of sweets are sold as much as two kinds, namely sweets wet and dry sweets in various colors and materials, such as nutmeg, amra, pineapple, lychees, and others. It was also varied, such as sweet, salty and spicy. The seller is generally a family that has been inherited from generation to generation. 
 Besides sweets and pickles, snacks other small typical Cianjur is tauco, moci, chips lung, and so on. 
 Tauco, made ​​from soy bean, can be used as food varied, like Geco, sambal , tauco, or pecel tauco. Come and enjoy a variety of typical snacks Cianjur is now to meet the tastes of your kuilner adventure.

Address: Bank Jakarta-Bogor highway (City Cianjur)
Coordinates: -6.809768,107.149572
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