Ceremony intent Sasih Kampung Naga

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One of the traditional ceremony that you should not miss in Tasikmalaya is intent Sasih Kampung Naga Ceremony. This ceremony is an utterance of gratitude to God Almighty and to His Messenger, Prophet Muhammad, which has provided safety, success and abundance of crops and arable land, as well as a tribute to his ancestors, namely Eyang Singaparna, regarded as the forerunner of Kampung dragon down the Sanaga. Considerable ceremony was attended by residents operate Sanaga. Some of the activities undertaken include replacing the bamboo fence that surrounds the Earth Ageung, wash the heirlooms, beberesih (bathing in the River Ciwulan), cleaning the tomb Eyang Singaparna, shaking hands with Kuncen, and eat together in the Central Patemon.
Do not forget to record the execution time, ie once every two months on 26-28 Muharam (March), 10-12-14 Maulud (May), 16-18 Jumada End (July) from 0.14 to 16 uwah (September), a -3 Shawwal (November), 10-12 Rayagung (January).
Location: Kampung Naga, Neglasari, District Salawu
Coordinates: 7 ° 21 '49 "S, 107 ° 59' 40" E
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