Long Ceremony amulets

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When you come to the city of Cirebon on 12 Rabiul Awal, take your time at 19:30 to see the Ceremony Long amulets. This ceremony is a traditional religious ceremony held at the Palace Kasepuhan Cirebon. Definition of 'long' means sing Siji dirumat Kang ('the one who always treated' creed that is two sentences). The purpose of the implementation of this ceremony is to commemorate the birth of Prophet Muhammad SAW and commemorate his services in the Islamic religious broadcasting. Some of the activities undertaken include washing the dishes to store rice Prophet, make offerings, and making ceremonial equipment. Listen to history as one of the amulets length heirloom Cirebon Palace. This heritage is a gift from Sanghyang Bango when the development of Walangsungsang Raden (Prince Cakrabuana I) in the search for the Islamic religion. Length of charms revealed by officials and religious scholars in the environment relative Kasepuhan Palace.
Location: City Palace Kasepuhan Cirebon
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