Ceremony Ruwatan Earth

09-12-2011 Subang Regencies 28256 viewed


Held on February Moon Village in Kampung Banceuy Python forked Road District Subang district.
Ngaruwat is an expression of gratitude for the success of agriculture, the effort starting reinforcements, as the media homage to ancestors who contributed to the history of development of kampung Banceuy and community gathering facilities. Ngaruwat Earth is believed to have benefits Banceuy community safety, comfort, and welfare of farm life.
Art Gemyung held at night, deep into the night. And the final stage tomorrow morning ceremony performed by parading Dewi Dewi Sri Sri is mengiring panganten to the ancestral graves, followed by an empty horse, kokolot / elders, bringing parupuyan, coconuts panteret gritty singing, arts gemyung, dancers HANJUANG carrier, the carrier leaf dancers, dancers with drums pencanya martial arts, arts dogdog reog, Genjring arts, arts and diiring tanji with other communities to follow behind.
Arts on Earth events in Kampung Banceuy Ruatan Kab.Subang:
1. outs
2. Gemyung
3. Pencak Silat
4. Dancers Bearer HANJUANG
5. Dancers Bearer coconut
6. dogdog Reog
7. Genjring
8. Tanji

Location: Kampung Banceuy, Sanca Village, District Road crossing
Coordinates: 6° 42' 16" E, 107° 42' 2" S
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