Labuh Saji Ceremony

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Ceremonies that live and thrive in Palabuhanratu Sukabumi West Java is a realization of people's behavior that upholds their ancestors. One is a ceremony conducted by the Food moored fishing community as an expression of gratitude to Sang Hyang Widi that provide welfare in their lives.
Moored ceremonial food is a tradition of hereditary fishermen Palabuhanratu to give tribute to a daughter named Princess Mayangsagara Nyi top concern for the welfare of fishermen. Mayangsagara harbor ceremony began serving as an annual tradition since the 15th century to give gifts to Nyi Roro Kidul who was believed to be the ruler of the southern ocean. Mayangsagara perform the ceremony for the welfare of his people got their jobs as fishermen.
The myth that developing states, Nyi Mayangsagara Princess is the daughter of Prince and Queen Beetle Good Setra puun Purnamasari Dadap ruling in the Kingdom of Malaysia (now go Loji Village area, District Simpenan, Sukabumi). Setra is a descendant of the Kingdom of Good Pakuan (Bogor) who chose to leave the kingdom and lived in Malang Dadap because of internal conflict.
In celebration of fishermen, a father and daughter are described as Mayangsagara and Good Setra Pendapa Sukabumi paraded from the dock Palabuhanratu. Good Setra Mayangsagara and the wagon ride into the center of attention of thousands of visitors in celebration of thanksgiving every time fishermen.
Located in the Village Pelabuhanratu Sukabumi, held each April 6 (Day of the Fisherman). Moored (melabuh / dropped) offerings to the sea in the hope that abundant catches every year and maintain good relations with Nyi Roro Kidul.
Formerly head of the offerings that are used in the form of buffalo / goat, but now replaced by sowing seeds of fish, fries (seed shrimp), and the hatchlings (baby turtles) to the middle of the bay Pelabuhanratu.
Dive and is a form of fertility sidad sea. For this reason, fishermen spread it out to sea in hopes of sea Palabuhanratu remain fertile and gave a lot of fish for each fisherman who fell into the sea.
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