Ceremony Nyangku

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For those of you who like traditional ceremonies, Ceremony Nyangku is one of the traditional ceremonial heritage Panjalu descent, which is mandated by King Sanghyang Borosngora, Panjalu first Islamic king who spread the religion of Islam. "Nyangku" comes from the Arabic "Yanko", which means cleaning the heirlooms Panjalu descent, and a symbol of the emotional relationships among fellow descendants Panjalu, human relationships and awareness among the descendants of Adam. The ceremony was held as a statement of gratitude for the struggle to implement the mandate Panjalu in preserving the historic value of interest is the clothes of the participants of the ceremony that brought heirlooms with typical way that is like carrying a dead child (diais). They trooped from Earth Alit crossing to Nusa Lengkong Situ Gede. After praying at the tomb of Panjalu ancestors crossed back there and end up in the yard Panjalu District office, the heirlooms are washed, the ceremony is accompanied by kkesenian gemyung Debus continued with art, art martial arts.

Location: Panjalu
Coordinates: 7 7 '43 "S, 108 15' 53" E
Performance Time: Monday-month Initial Rabiul
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