Ceremony Ngarot

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Is a traditional ceremony performed Lelea village community at the time of arrival of the season working on the fields, ie before the rainy season around October to December. The day has been set on Wednesday that the public believes that Wednesday have the properties of the earth that is suitable for the planting season started.

Ngarot derived from the word "Nga - rot" (base Sundanese) is a term drinking / ngaleueut. The origin of the word Kasinoman Sinom namely acid leaves a defined group of young youth and creative dynamic.
Ceremony begins seiak Ngarot 17th century AD, the first implement Ngarot Ceremony is one community leader named Ki Kapol which then became the Village Kuwu Lelea II after Cangga Wreni (Kuwu to I). While relics are still preserved Kapol Ki until now that is Kasinoman Rice, paddy fields cultivated by the Kasinoman (young people) with the objective results of the field was used as the cost of ceremony / party Ngarot next year.
The composition of Event Ceremony procession Ngarot
1. opening
2. Readings Brief History NGAROT
3. Message from the Village Kuwu Lelea
4. Delivery of Agricultural Equipment procession to the Kasinoman
5. Beatings GONG / together by a party to mark the beginning Kuwu Kasinoman.
Explanation Event # 4:
1. Delivery of seeds by Kuwu means:
    To be planted so that it can harvest abundant.
2. Submission of white jug containing water by Ms. Kuwu means: Water tamba as a drug
     tanarnan rice and fertilizer.
3. Hoe submission by Mercury Earth means: In order to cultivate rice to perfection
4. Delivery of fertilizer by the Old Village means:
     In order to remain fertile rice plants and crops are abundant.
S. Delivery of Yellow Bamboo segment. Leaf Banana Leaf Andong and Kelararas oieh Lebe means: In order to avoid the rice plant pests.

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