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Research conducted in the District Bayongbong is on a stele in Kampng Barukai, Cigedug village. Because of the inscription is often called Barukai Kampung Kampung Batu Write. Landscapes (geomorfologis) region is the high undulating plain with an altitude between 1100 m to 1200 m above sea level. In gegografis region located at 7 º 20 '00' latitude and 107 º 47 '50' East Longitude. This area by mountain diapi Cikuray Papandayan east and west of the mountain.
The inscription in the village located on a parcel Bakurai orchard owned by Mr. Mohamada Toha roadside village. The area is on a slope. West side at a distance of about 100 m from the inscription flowing river which is a tributary Cikuray Cimanuk. The area of ​​the site is a field that is less unkempt and overgrown shrubs and some perennials.
The inscription itself is in a basin of about 0.50 m is the result of stripping of the population conducted in 1927. hinggasekarang population is still and always clean mengkeramatkan inscription.
The study of these inscriptions, it can be seen on a stone inscription written beerbentuk square. This type of stone written in stone or rectangular. Type of stone used as a rock andesittik meddia. Stone size 130 cm x 170 cm. ketyebalan which measured 15 cm from the soil surface. The surface is not flat stone inscribed. Writing technique with a system that does not scratch so deep. The font used is the letter of Old Sundanese.
The inscription consists of three lines and reads as follows:
1. bhagi bhagya
2. ka
3. nu ngaliwat (Djafar Hasan, 1991: 16)
inscribed on the surface there are also scratches in thick and is divided into several boxes. Near the inscription on the west side there is a flat stone slab surface. The stone slab measuring 85 cm x 70 cm, with a thickness of 7 cm.
until now have not been able to diidentifiksikan when and who made the inscription. Difficult because it is not supported by the findings of other artifacts. Residents who did nggal punbelum never find a location near artfak such as ceramics or pottery fragments.
Thus an important finding archaeological heritage research team Pneliti and Bandung Institute of Archaeology conducted in 1994 in three districts, in Garut district. It is unfortunate that until now there has been no statutes or judicial decisions of the government, in this case the competent Directorate of Protection and Pembinann Heritage and Archaeology, determined that the relics were to be protected as BCB existence. (Department of Tourism and Culture Garut).

Location: Kampung Barukai, Cigedug Village, District Bayongbong, Garut
Coordinates: 7 ° 20 '00 "S, 107 º 47' 50" E
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