Archaeological Park Cipari

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Garden Antiquities Cipari are at the Village Cipari, sub Cigugur, district Brass, and astronomically located in the basin (valley) in the above an altitude of 700 m above sea level and at coordinates 108 º 28 '156 "longitude, 06 º 57' 723" S latitude, approximately 3 km to the west of downtown Brass. To go to the location of the site is not difficult because it is a paved road that can be passed by four-wheel vehicles and two wheels, about 30 minutes from downtown Brass.
Site Cipari very supportive environment as a tourist attraction for both local and foreign tourists since the air is cool and comfortable with beautiful views of the site is supported by a fairly wide area.
The site area of ​​700 m² is part of the area Cipari Archaeological Park which has an area 2500 m, the rest is ample parking and guard house. Cipari site known as the Garden of Antiquities, because it is a form of development and utilization of archaeological sites that serve as cultural attractions as well as media coaching and processing of national identity and can increase revenue (PAD).
Site Cipari tinggalannya estimated based on the typology and stratigraphy have had 2 times the settlement of human settlements at the end of the neolithic and early bronze introduction of materials (the perundagian) revolves around the year 1000 BC sd 500 BC.
This site was first discovered in 1971/1972 by the population, further assisted by local government officials they dug and found a very large tomb chests with longitudinal position of the southwest-northeast. Within and around the crate kuburbatu at a depth of about 15 cm there are fragments of pots, jugs, plates, stone bracelets, bronze axes, beads and animal bones.
Further archaeological research in the year 1974/1976, found a second grave coffin complete with a lid sized at 16 x 56 x 59 cm. Inside the coffin tomb found no human remains but the grave provision of pottery fragments. (Knacks, censer, bowls), stone bracelets, pickaxe square, bronze axes, and beads.
The site allegedly Cipari room stone coffin tomb from the time perundagian (paleometalik Iron or Bronze) that still seems to continue the tradition of the discovery of two proven megalithic tomb stone fruit crates that are used as a place (container) grave.
If the Archeological Park visitors entering the area by the remnants-made wonder visible cultural remnants of the gate (left to right) will be found a stone menhir with the order, then a rhinestone bracelet and a stone ax, a chest tomb, coffin tomb 2, menhir with order stone slabs around the bottom, and stone axes. Object remains the same conditions and in accordance with the condition was first discovered.
Floor walkway at Cipari Archaeological Park is a new arrangement of slabs of stone formations that attempted to match the megalithic remains of a predominantly made of stone.

Location: Village Cipari, District Cigugur 
Coordinates: 06 º 57 '723' S, 108 º 28 '156 "E 
Directions: About 3 miles west of downtown Brass and about 30 minutes from downtown Brass. 
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