Natural Park Talaga Bodas

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Natural Park (TWA) Talaga Bodas is a crater that forms a lake with white water. TWA area is managed by the West Java BKSDA II with tenure by the Department of Forestry. Talaga Bodas TWA managed based on the legality of Minister Decree No: 98 / Kpts / UM / 1978. Talaga Bodas Crater TWA region has an area of ​​23.85 ha area. Talaga Bodas Crater at an altitude of 1512 m above sea level with the general configuration of hilly land and steep slope.
Talaga Bodas Crater area has an average temperature of 24-26 degrees Celsius per year, with rainfall 1321 mm / year and the sun's radiation. Dominant flora of the area around Talaga Bodas Crater of garden plants such as tomatoes, cabbage and grass thatch. Talaga Bodas Crater environmental conditions quite well with the cleanliness and the landscape is quite good.
Tourist activities that exist in the form of trekking, hiking, photography, picnic, or just walk.

Location: Village Sukamenak Wanaradja Garut district
Coordinates: 7 12 '34 ", S 108 3' 41" E
Directions: located at a distance of 8 km from Wanaradja District, 20 km from the town of Garut, and 83 km from Bandung. While the distance to the terminal crater of Thunder - Garut 20 km. To reach the location of TWA Talaga Bodas Crater can use the means of transportation through the streets of the city transportation access to the route: Garut-Cibatu, Garut-Cikelet, Guntur-Sukawening Terminals, and Terminal pathway Thunder Cempaka Indah Housing. Or can also use the traditional form of transportation and OJEG wagon at the end of the access road entrance. The visitors generally reaches a location with a private vehicle.
Facilities: 2 Shelters and entrance gate
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