Curug Cihanyawar

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Cihanyawar waterfall is a natural tourist attraction is a waterfall with a height of 16 m at an altitude of 1000 m above sea level. Cihanyawar waterfall water sources originating from the water flow coming from Mount Cipadaruun Cikuray springs. Cihanyawar waterfall is in the area dibawahi by two ownership, namely PTP Nusantara VIII and the Village Community Sukamurni. Although located in the boundary between land owned by PTP Nusantara VIII and land owned by the Village Community Sukamurni but actually Cihanyawar waterfall into the region's PTP Nusantara VIII - Plantation Dayeuh Bwt, and included in block plantations memilliki Cipang a total area of 12, 57ha. To Go to the location of the waterfall there Cihanyawar highway district roads with a width of 2.5 m which has a fairly good quality.
Location: Village District Sukamurni Cilawu Garut regency, West Java
Directions: from Garut can use the public transportation terminal at the rate of Guntur-Bojongloa Rp.2000, - or microbus Garut-Singaparna with Rp.6000 rates, -. From the beginning the door Cihanyawar waterfall region can be reached by OJEG for Rp.1500-3000, - / person.
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