Curug Citiis

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Citiis waterfall located in a spacious 30 m2 and an altitude of 1000 m above sea level. General configuration of the land is generally hilly with a rather steep slope, and soil stability are. Average solar radiation in the region can say is because there are still many shady trees. In the dry season the water discharge is reduced Citiis waterfall. Environmental quality is quite good with a good level of sanitation and the landscape is quite beautiful.
Waterfall water sources originating from Mount Guntur has two springs, the hot springs that flow into the area Cipanas, and eyes of cold water that flows into the stream waterfall Citiis. Activities that can be done include hiking, trekking, enjoy the scenery, camping and photography.
It is said that this waterfall is a meeting place of the kings of the whole island of Java. The name of this waterfall Citiis itself comes from the word meaning citiis cold water because, according to residents about the water temperature of the coldest this waterfall sewilayah Garut.
Location: Village Pasawahan, Tarogong Subdistrict, Garut regency of West Java
Direction: Distance from the capital district Tarogong about 10 km and 15 km from Garut city. The distance from the nearest terminal nearest settlement is the village of Hamlet at the foot of Mount Guntur about 5 miles.
To go to these objects, visitors can use a personal vehicle to the foot of Mount Thunder, as well as the traditional transport of Cipanas or from Garut city gig at a cost of Rp. 3000 or use OJEG a cost of Rp. 5000.
Facilities: 3 pieces of shelter, food stalls
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