Curug Newbie

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The origin of this waterfall waterfall called Newbie because according to local stories in 1968 there was a young woman who put her child from the top of the waterfall, so the waterfall is called Curug Newbie. Judging from the shape of this waterfall has a second waterfall, where a large presence symbolizes the mother and the little baby symbolizes.
    Infant waterfall with a height of 45 M has become attractions and Tourist Attractions (ODTW) since 21 April 1996. Newbie waterfall is a type of natural ODTW managed by PT. And plantations owned by PT Nusantara. Papandayan Plantation.
   Newbie waterfall itself is located at an altitude of 250 M above sea level with the general configuration of hilly land because it is situated at the foot of the mountain Papandayan and the level of land sloping and steep slope stability and absorption rate in kawsan this good land and a low abrasion level. Newbie waterfall has a clear water, the smell of normal water and cold temperatures. Flora Newbie dominant around the waterfall is a pine tree, papaya and other wild plants. While the fauna found in the region of monkeys and snakes. Sources of clean water from the waterfall itself, which debits are not limited and the water quality is crystal clear, fresh taste and smell normal.
Location: Village Cikandang Cikajang Garut district
Direction: Distance from the capital district region Cikajang 5 km, while the Capital District of Garut 31 Km.
Facilities: there are food and souvenir stalls, bus parking lot, restrooms, shelter, heading the ticket
Opening Hours: 09.00
Close: 16:30
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