Forest Sancang (Leuweung Sancang)

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Forest is managed by the Forestry Department and has a total area of ​​2157 ha with a total area of ​​approximately 150 ha of sea. Sancang region at an altitude 0-3 m above sea level, this region has the general configuration of a flat land, there are only steep cliffs in some coastal areas, especially in areas east of the Elephant Rock (one of the areas in the forest in the coastal Sancang beach). This forest has an average temperature of 27  C. For this type of soil material, have a material Sancang forest sandy soil and peat soils on the coast, while in an area that has a radius of 200 m from the shoreline have a material mainland in general the black rocky soil.
Environmental quality and cleanliness was still awake, although the eastern (coastal forest region Sancang) contained cottages and fishermen who settled the land use in this conservation area. When viewed in terms of visabilitis, Sancang forest has a free level with panoramic view of beautiful nature, but if it was in the woods, it will be difficult to see towards the coast because of the arrangement of plants / trees in the Forest Sancang very tight.
While the appeal contained in the Forest Forest Sancang is beautiful with its unique ecosystem and beautiful natural scenery, and there are mangrove forests, rivers, various types of flora and fauna, and there is a cluster-cluster of rocks that give rise to the unique scenery. Dominant flora contained in the Forest Sancang among others; ketapan tree, mangrove trees, plants Sorea, as well as other diverse types of plant species including red meranti trees and rare trees Kaboom. For activities that can be developed in this forest are: trekking, photography, browse through the forest, the study of natural ecosystems, fishing, camping and other activities which, if developed as not to damage and disrupt the forest ecosystem such Sancang.

Location: Village Sancang Cibalong Garut District
Coordinates: 7 41 '48 "S, 107 52' 18" E
Directions: can be reached by a distance of 2 km from center Pameungpeuk district, 20 km from the city of Garut regency, and 180 km from Bandung. To get there, can be reached by bus from the district at a rate Pameungpeuk Rp.3000/orang (from Pameungpeuk - Rubber plantations Mira-mare) through the edge of the area and just over 3 buses / day or use public transportation to the tariff Rp.4000 / person after that to get to the border region OJEG Sancang can utilize the services of a tariff Rp.7500 Pameungpeuk and Rp. 3500 Cijeruk of beautiful beaches.
Facilities: ranger post
Opening Hours:
More Information: Tourism and Culture Garut

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