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A glimpse of the Museum

Site Museum Theater is the pride for the community Bojongkokosan Sukabumi, as a warning sign and respect for the heroes who died on the "Events Bojongkokosan". Events that occurred on December 9, 1045 is the battle between the Allied fighters Sukabumi England and NICA (Netherlands) who want to restore colonialism in Indonesia. Bojongkokosan itself is located in the District Parungkuda Sukabumi, about 2 miles north and 4 km to the south Cicurug.
Bojongkokosan event is the beginning of the attack - an attack organized by the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Eddie TKR Sukardi. This event later became the initial trigger in the event that we are familiar with the convoy war and a war of the first convoy (Convoy Battle of The Firs), which lasted from March 9 through December 12, 1945. Ambush along the 81 km starting from Cigombong (Bogor) to Ciranjang (Cianjur) has resulted in many casualties from both sides: the Allies: 50 people died, 100 people were seriously injured and 30 people gave up. Koraban on the fighters: 73 people died while the war a second convoy on 10 until 14 March 1946.
The allied army convoy intent is to:
Taking internees (prisoners) in Japan and surrounding areas Sukabumi
Provide assistance to Bandung which at that time was in the upheaval among the youth with the Allied Forces in Bandung.
Guard the smooth road link between Bogor - Sukabumi - Cianjur.
Bojongkokosan event is one of the causes of the events Bandung Sea of ​​Fire, March 24, 1946. This is because the terms of the National strategy of regional path-Sukabumi Jakarta-Bogor-Jakarta, is the pulse of the Allied forces to dominate the region through which the pathway.
In order to commemorate the heroic events of that historic, site Museums and Monuments Bojongkokosan made.
Museum Collection
In the showroom I have 4 (four) pieces vitrin and propellers and the glass window of the plane as well as photographs and the names of heroes who died on the battlefield in the event Bojongkokosan.
In the second showroom there:
Thumbnail masterplan Bojongkokosan Theater located in the middle of the room
There are 7 Minirama (mockups) which describes the events in Bojongkokosan.
Each describing and entitled: 1. Preparation of Power, 2. The Council to take action, 3. Invasion Cirohani Plantation, 4. Battle Bojongkokosan, 5. Cibadak bombardment by the British Royal Air Force, 6. Pengusungan bodies and the wounded, and Minirama 7. The body of the hero's funeral.


Location: Road No. Siliwangi. 75, Village Bojongkokosan, District Parungkuda
Coordinates: 6 ° 49 '42 "S, 106.760452 E
Phone: (0266) 737004
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