Crater Kamojang

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Kamojang crater is the crater of the volcano is still active, it is marked by the roar of steam generated out of the bowels of the earth. At the beginning of entering the region, a view that is not commonly encountered in which many large pipes that lead to several buildings. The pipeline is part Geothermal Power Plant (PLTP), which is managed by PT. Pertamina and PT. Indonesia Power, and this is where for the first time, geothermal energy is harnessed (as proposed by the citizens Netherlands nationality, JB Van Dijk in 1918) commercial (1983).
Crater Kamojang has several craters, among others manuk craters, craters train. The name given to have its own meaning as manuk crater due to some holes that produce sounds that resemble a bird or a crater manuk train because it sounded like a train (more like a jet airplane noise).
The crater of the famous and much visited by tourists is the crater of the train. The crater is a crater train the most attention because of kerluar gas vapor pressure has been incredible (2.5 bar). In the crater we will hear a unique sound like a train arising from the steam released through the crevices of rocks from the bowels of the earth. In this area we also will see the steam power plant. Pipes to channel heat from the bowels of the earth is channeled to raised up the generator that produces electrical energy.
tourist activities that we can do in this area is bathing in hot springs, hiking around the crater, to perpetuate this natural phenomenon with multimedia devices and the saunas in the open air with stunning scenery. Broad Park Kamojang Nature Reserve is approximately 10 acres. In this tourist area there are 23 craters, 2 of them shaped lake with smoke billowing out of the water.
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Location: Village Cibeet and District Brackets Randu Samarang,
Coordinates: 7 7 '27 "S, 107 47' 58" E
Directions: located about 25 km from Garut city.
Facilities: Parking, toilets, mosque.
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