Crater Papandayan

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Attractions located in Garut include quite famous natural tourist attraction, especially for those who have a hobby of mountain climbing, both living in the area of West Java province and outside the province of West Java. The location of this attraction was spelled out very easily be reached through land transportation for almost less than 2.5 sd 3 hours.
This mountain is a volcano is still active, the first record in the month of August 1772 eruption that spewed berkubik-cubic of natural materials as far as one kilometer into the air, with as many as 3,000 people killed and piled up 40 villages around it.
Mas crater is a crater that is located in the center of Mount Papandayan with a width of approximately 150 meters. Many tourists visit this area to see the crater phenomena in a very unique and interesting, the crater-like rumble of a jet engine sound ship, and bursts of heavy smoke from the crater of the more tourists will increase the fascination of natural phenomena that is rarely encountered.
Papandayan can be reached easily from the direction of Garut city to the south in a matter of 30 minutes, through Samarang toward Cisurupan. Dipertigaan Cisurupan, turn right down a country road with good tarmac who continue to climb to an altitude of 2300m above sea level to the Nature Reserve Papandayan with a meandering path with views of garden potatoes and a beautiful pine forest.
It takes about 20 minutes by foot to the tourists who will go ketengah crater mountain from the parking area of the vehicle. At its peak we can see some beautiful mountain scenery combined with sulfur smoke that gushed from the bottom of the earth.

Coordinates: 7 18 '24 "S, 107 42' 50" E
Facilities: Camping area, toilets, food stalls, Mosque
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