Rafting Cikandang

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The length of the river that is often used as a tourist attraction is rafting + 28 km with a width of 5-8 m. Environmental quality and cleanliness of the river Cikandang well as the region is classified as white water rafting is still very natural.
The average high flows in the River Cikandang 1-2 m, so that is something that is challenging rafting. The dominant flora of the river is a palm tree, albasiah wood, bamboo and other forest wood, while along the banks of the river there is a fauna like monkeys and several species of birds. Visabilitas level in this region due to very naturally free, and low noise levels.
Activities that can be done in this area include whitewater rafting and river scenery menikrnati. Legality and policy aspects of this attraction is still in the process of setting the level of Local Government of Garut district, while the management carried out by local governments and private parties. So far if you want to do rafting on the river Cikandang, visitors are free of charge, simply ask for permission to sub Pekenjeng.

Location: Village Sukamulya, Pakenjeng Subdistrict, Garut
Coordinates: 7 27 '30 "S, 107 41' 59" E
Directions: This object bejarak 36 miles from the center of district administration, and transportation that can be used to achieve this object other than a private vehicle is majoring in Garut Pameungpeuk micro bus. Pakenjeng subdistrict has a 25 km of provincial roads, district roads along the 17 km and 126 km of village roads.
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This object bejarak 36 km from the central district administration, and means of transportation that can be used to achieve this object other than a private vehicle is the micro bus Pameungpeuk Garut. Sub Pakenjeng has provincial roads along the 25 km, the road along County 17 km and 126 km village roads.

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