Curug Cimandi Poisons

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Natural attractions which are often called the waterfall Cibuni toxin is located at an altitude of 1045 meters above sea level and has a total area of ​​about one hectare. The waterfall or waterfall is the source of its water comes from springs on Mount Mandalawangi Cimalagiri has a height of about 25 meters. Meanwhile, the status of communal land holdings are owned by residents of Sand Key and Kampung Kampung Singkur.
That said, naming the waterfall comes from a legend that tells of a contest held by the kingdom with the gift of a beautiful princess. The competition was followed by the warlords or jago-jago silat around the kingdom. Long story short, the participants were then fighting risked his life to fight over the princess. When the contest will end, because only two people left champion, the fight becomes very tough. Although each party has issued a mutual pledge stance, it turns out no one managed to beat his opponent. The fight ended in a draw, for some reason and by whom, his daughter and then taken to the waterfall and then poisoned to death. And the waterfall where the princess was later diracunnya Cimandi called Poison.
Besides enjoying the waterfall, the waterfall Cimandi tourism toxins also presents the natural scenery is still beautiful. Expanse of verdant trees and coupled with the chirping of birds perched on branches, as well as the cool air temperature (ranging between 23-25 ​​degrees Celsius), making the location around the waterfall is very beautiful to enjoy.
Location: Village Jangkurang, Leles subdistrict, Garut regency, West Java
Directions: To reach the waterfall Cimandi Poison attractions located about 5 kilometers from the city Kadungora transport terminals, can be reached by using urban transport route Kadungora-Penclut the rate of $ 1000.00 - USD $ 1500.00, or OJEG rate Rp 4,000, 00.
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