Curug Sanghiyang Taraje

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The origin of this waterfall called Sanghiyang Taraje because in ancient times was used by the waterfall Sangkuriang to ascend to the heavens the stars at the request of Dayang Sumbi. Near the waterfall there are also a giant footprint-shaped stone that is said it is a footprint Sangkuriang but rarely people who can see him. While the stone under the waterfall right by the local community as a trusted repository stars (treasure) Sangkuriang but said the place was guarded by a giant eel, and is often seen by the public.
Tejun water area is managed by Perhutani. As for the people who then try to manage this area, but only during the holidays and national holidays.
Extent of area waterfalls is 500 m2, high waterfall is 100 m. During the dry season the water discharge to be slightly smaller but very clear water, whereas during the rainy season the water discharge to be rather large but the water turns slightly cloudy color.
Location: Village Pakenjeng Pamulihan Garut District
Directions: The distance from the waterfall area Pamulihan district is 32 km, whereas from Garut city center is 47 km. Achievement of this place could use a private vehicle or by using public transport minibus type (Elf) from Garut Pakenjeng a rate of $ 6,000 or Pakenjeng Garut rate Rp 3,500, after that use OJEG the rate of $ 5,000, because the road to the waterfall area is not passable by four-wheel vehicle or more.
Facilities: 2 pieces of shelter
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