Kabuyutan Ciburuy

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Is the site of King Siliwangi relic which was then followed by the son of King Kian Santang. administratively located Kabuyutan Ciburuy Pamalayan Village, District Bayongbong, Garut are at the point coordinates of 7 ° 17 '18 "S, 107 ° 49' 43" E. In areas Kabuyutan Ciburuy site there are three traditional houses called Earth padaleman (a place to store objects of ancient manuscripts, palm leaves and palm), Earth Patamon (storage of sharp objects such as kris, Cleaver trident, and art tools goong jointly and severally) and barn rice or "leuit", (a place to store food, especially rice). Art tools goong severally found in this area is the forerunner of the arts that exist today gamelan.
Kabuyutan Ciburuy Kabuyutan area is about 1 hectare. Beautiful panoramic and peaceful atmosphere with a cool air will be found when we are in the area of ​​this site.
Every Wednesday the third week of Muharram, around 19:30 hours, always held the ceremony of "Sheba", which is a thanksgiving ceremony to people in high places with knowledge and insights with the delivery of something good. Dihajatkan thanksgiving ceremony to the King and King Siliwangi Kiansantang as leaders or community leaders in earlier times who have knowledge, insight and magic power high.
Communities around the routinely held a ceremonial dagger carried out washing every 1 Muharam. In the area there is also a prohibition Ciburuy site of abstinence where every Friday and Saturday one should not enter the area Kabuyutan Ciburuy.
Understanding Kabuyutan
In pre-Islamic period known Sunda a place called Kabuyutan (Mandala). Kabuyutan or Mandala is a special place designated privileged religious and intellectual activity. For example like in Kawali (Ciamis), precisely in the complex Astana Gede, a resident and serves in addition as the capital of the Kingdom Galuh, as well as a kabuyutan. There are some pieces of stone inscriptions written in script and Sundanese Kuna. Like Astana Cede Kawali in Garut there a place that until now still being maintained and preserved as it is ancient heritage sites. The place in question is Kabuyutan Ciburuy (very interesting this place by some people, especially by family Kuncen still sacred even Seba ceremony held each year).
According to Paragraph Rohaedi, Kabuyutan or sacred building in West Java is not always equated with buildings or artifacts, or the structure of the temple as a general assumption today.
In the history of the manuscript sources of the period of the Kingdom of Sunda there kabuyutan term. In this kabuyutan yore used as a power center king and his kingdom therefore kabuyutan this is the first place that was attacked when there is an attack anatara kingdom.
Origins Kabuyutan Ciburuy Site
Ciburuy is the name of a village in the village Pamalayan Bayongbong Garut district. Located at the foot of Mount Cikuray, missed by three wahangan (small river), namely wahangan Cisaat east, north Baranangsiang, and wahangan Ciburuy in the west.
Mount Cikuray formerly called Srimanganti, relating to the discovery of the manuscript ejection events Sundanese Kuna around the area by Raden Saleh in 1856, which was then submitted to the Bataviaasche Genootschap (now the National Museum of Jakarta). Papyrus manuscript found in kropak no. 410 and marked: Carita Pakuan manuscript Raden Saleh, Pantun Sunda on palm leaves, writing Kai Raga, grandson of hermits on Mount Cikuray (CM. Pleyte, TBG. 1914, page 371).
If related to the location Kabuyutan Ciburuy on the slopes west of Mount Cikuray, there are similarities with the above explanation as a consecrated as a place where princes keagamann activity is Kai Raga. Physical building with kabuyutan kabuyutan Ciburuy others, namely overlooking Mount Cikuray, one of the high mountains in the district of Garut. The extent of now no less than one hectare planted with various trees and large and small, it is also a characteristic feature of a kabuyutan.
As a place that has archeological Kabuyutan Ciburuy have miscellaneous buildings such as the Earth Patamon (a place to receive guests), leuit, Saung Lisung and Padaleman used to store miscellaneous titinggalan ancestor like trident, spear, clapper, manuscripts, and so on. Padaleman formerly used to stay the wiku or priests (religious Hindu / Buddhist) that is located higher than other buildings and is somewhat hidden because it covered a high hedge and large trees. Therefore it is called the Scriptorium or Ciburuy Kabuyutan Activities temapt create scripts and or a place to store the texts from the outside, also proved to be found pendukungh ​​data such as number of manuscripts and nipa palm, knife, pangot, scissors, glasses and frames from the horn which is likely large in the wiku pkai time writing a script.
Kabuyutan Ciburuy This began when the ancient site was used by King Kiyan Santang as an arena of struggle with the winner-winner on the island of Java. It begins at the time of King Kiyan Santang found a dagger and he got a mandate to drove it on a stone, so the water out of stone. Then he was told to attach the dagger in his turban and dagger swept away until it stops. In place of the Kris King Kiyan stop Santang will find his opponent.
One day King was having pertarunagan Santang Kiyan in the area but no satupu opponent who can beat him, up came the messenger of the KH Mustofa Sayyidin Ali who defeated the memebri mandate to him to go to the holy land to meet Sayyidin Ali and weapons King Kiyan Santang left in Ciburuy Interpreter Lock which, according to the narrative of the arms were left behind in a barrel.
On this site there is a ban Kabuyutan Ciburuy forbid that every Tuesday and Friday there are restrictions separately to visit or come to the place. Site Kabuyutan Ciburuy also often hold ritual ceremonies held on 1. Muharam often hold ceremonies Seba. Calculation of d day this area punberbeda ie starting at 4 pm instead of hours one morning as usual.
Selection Kuncen taua caretaker was based on descent, but not every descendant can be savior key inspiration or just a dream that can separately be Interpreter Lock. Caretaker currently provide Yana Mulayan who is a descendant to-149.
According to the Interpreter Lock in colonial times this place can not be penetrated by the government Belnada because supposedly he said if the place is visible from the outside like a stretch of grassland or tegals.
Heritage-Heritage Site Kabuyutan Ciburuy
Site wide Kabuyutan Ciburuy like a mini museum that stores objects of cultural heritage. Objects of historical and archaeological sites Ciburuy Kabuyutan derived from relics of the Megalithic and Classical. Site Kabuyutan relics Ciburuy namely:
There are five custom homes:
a. Padaleman earth, to keep heirlooms in the form of palm leaf manuscripts and the palm, there is also a cleaver, to store the objects in the form of sharp weapons such as kris, cleaver, trident, and tools that Goong Renteng art that became the forerunner of art gamelan now. Issued in sacred and bathed by using a seven-way development and surrounding residents must use the traditional dresses.
b. Patamon earth, is a place that used to receive guests from outside as well for a caretaker residence, so it can be called also the official residence of the caretaker.
c. Granary, to store grain that is usually donated by people around sertelah they harvest.
d. Pangsujudan place, namely in the form of stones which is a place of meditation and tempang pangsujudan KH Mustofa known as another name of King Kiyansantang, that there is a third prostration inspired so at this site there are 3 of the gate as a symbol of it.
e. Pangalihan, a place to store the fence, so the point in the fence that surrounds the Earth's sacred padaleman must be replaced before the fence is replaced it must first be stored in the earth pangalihan first.
The five buildings or dismbolkan merupkan form of pillars of Islam which amounts to 5 rukun.Dan there is one building anymore so often symbolized as a pillar of faith building that is the saung lisung frequently used place to pound rice by the residents.
Terdapar also be a relic weapon dagger, bende (bronze bells), Cleaver (weapon Prabu Siliwangi), trident, a spear. And there is also a form of Ancient Scrolls, ancient Javanese writings authored by King Kenyan Santang above Nipa leaves and palm leaves. This manuscript is the oldest manuscript in Ciburuy Site, the content of this manuscript was composed in the 15th century AD. This text is called "Mandate Galunggung". Named because of its content in the form of advice on the ethics and manners of the old Sunda. The number of manuscripts stored in Kabuyutan Ciburuy currently as many as 27 keropak stored in 3 crates. Each keropak amount varies, between 15 to 30 lempir (sheet). Of these only ten keropak are still intact. While the rest did not complete because it is damaged and broken.
Text Transliteration Script Lontar:
1a.1. tangkeun earth / foot care hamay cogwang / samapun panteu tandanging / hwarengngan eukeur bwabwat nu / ka month comes a la-
2. eun / twahaaning tuluy ngowo nu / foot care hamay conggwang / twahaan paraiyatna / na nu ngawawwa hanteu nulung / TAA-saur
3. n deuwi confiscation / akiing sabeunang-beunang wengina / ditanem Inya balina / meunang pakeun twenty Wengi /
4. neut aging sakamantrian / saur manifestations deuwi confiscation / bwah battery urang ngaranan / eucu we kasep teuing / foot care hamay
1.b.1. our n / battery Aing disasara / awaking me ramadewa / in kadatwan panycawati / sugana we hamwa nyahwa / awaking the deuwi confiscation /
2. pawarang the ramadewa / foot care hamay canggong / ouch-ila ila teuing / seagrass kitu twang saur / ngaranna away
3. ing / ka nam Onam urang shelf / tohaan tuluy adoptive nu / diiringkeun my akiing / ti saundurna saapan /
4. helped lift tajur ngwara / far piraku jauhna / cuduk sakali ka shelf / deung akiing hamay cogwang / tuluy dipen-
2A.1 Aing lucky bird / ja hade impyian Aing / saleumpang Aing ka cai / nyanglandeuh tampyiankeun ka / ka Inya sadatang cai / come ka
2. saapanana / puzzle najeur ngareungeuhheun / diheueum in beuteung dalem / rarasan in jembawasa / lemek dina jero hate /
3. satembeyna diwekaskeun / carekna tartar skini / na Naha ieu ngaranna / beunang saapanawaking / elong write hitched
4. rada / dibalun boeh forbid me / satembey Inya nailed / na rah Naha ieu ngaranna / mama ieu beurat teuing / dibaw kana Parakan /
2b.1. hamwa hurung bwaga rampes / syieup Pisis syieup Omas / ja-hade this dihade / satembeyna bray opened / my battery-
2. ing hamay conggwang / reg meneng ngareungngeuhheun nu / hajetwong nepak hareugu / teher dideuleu diteuteuh / nyeueung iny daughter geulis /
3. hanteu babandinganana / demuk teher Hide buuk / geulis hanteu bandingna na / na akiing hamay conggwang / na wala taste sema-
4. ngati / nyaur manifestations deuwi confiscation / battery caused walangati / ka baaning our shelf / Aing jieun ebwan-ebwan / Aing mupulihha-
3a.1. n / tuluyna lumpat cai ka / ka twang sadatang Ambu / saur manifestations deuwi confiscation / anaking bujanggalawa / hwarengan siya nuturkeun / asingna battery
2. leungiteun / U Tun Aing ngamandyan geura urang home deui / ikeun mangkana in ci / na Ambu deung castings seuwu / & / tucap battery hamay conggwang / bwat-
3. na eukeur milangngan / nywaryeng kana swing / nyeueung Inya ageus kwaswang / ka where eta angkatna / MWA bird Aing disaur / race reuwas
4. hajeter geder / taste dwasa kanywahaan / MWA bird Aing diseuseul / awaking dwengkap ka paeh / ja now teuing rasana / leungiteun ku na asu-
3b.1. conggwang / Aing dingaranan Inya / ngarana bujanggalawa / ja seuweu ramadewa / ka lelengser come mapah saur manifestations deuwi confiscation / battery-eun custody
2. our cu / nembal battery hamay canggwang / rampes we ngasuh Inya / satembey Inya dyiayum / twahaan lift ka cai /
3. mawa kateh seuseuhheun / ikeun mangkana in cai / & / tucap battery hamay canggwang / eukeur ngayun-ngayun bwancah / teher maca
4. watang ageung / rwana twagwy milangan / dingaran bujanggalawa / bwat in jeba swing / neut hudang malepas maten / galusur tina ayuna-
4a.1. han / taxable hamwa reuwas / Manusa awwar gods / arbitrary detention Ganal alit / Aing mijil kasedaan / metukeun kasemba-
2 wan / na watang dijyieun bwanycah / watermelon Sarwa ageungna / bitanna bujnggalawa / saageus nyaur sakitu / dicwakot na apus a-
3. geung / diteudeun kana swing / sabwat dina swing / dikawihhan my bangbalikan akiing hamay canggwang / tuluy satuduh metu nu /
4. sakecap mretyaksa / satembeyna so bwanycah / na sanghyang watang ageung / puzzle Sarwa ageungna / deungeunna bujanggawala / ingkeun mangkana rocked /
4b.1. pupulihkeun deuwi confiscation / sapulang manifestations ti cai / teher scratching twang seuweu / sacuduk taab ka shelf / nywaryeang na hamay canggwang / nyeueung inyangais /
2. bwanycah / lemek dina jero hate / rarsaan in jembawasa / now seagrass diwekaskeun / hwarengngan lumpat ka cai / Bujangga the U Tun-
3. lawa / na akiing hamay canggwang / rec other dibeka tungkul / saugah manifestations earth ka / ka ba ngahusir swing / deck ngayun na
4. Castings seuweu / breah bwanycah dina swing / reuwas teher ngareungngeuhheun / taste kelar dina seuweu / puzzle Sarwa kasepna / deu-
5a.1. ngeun na seuweu / sup nyaluuh in the bud / nalengkahhan na gapaten / saundur shelf manggu ti / ti akiing hamay awkwardly
2. Gwang / na lift jwangjwang mwaretang / sakeudeung hateu kajeueung / nyawarang leuweung sakeukeudeung / nywarang Rheumatic sababatan / megat sand-BoT
3. twang mwanggwar / malingping najak nyalandeuh / far piraku jauhna / ka catihhanna came / come sakali dayeuh ka / ka kadatwan
4. lengkawati / mipir pager tebeh wetan / sacunduk ka pitunggwan / bat ngaliwat sasakali / carek urang lengkawati / mu-
5b.1. Jeung deungna twang seuweu / re panapak weak ka / dingaran na pupalawa / galasar in panahtaran / galusur na twang Ambu / Pingping kwaneng mwatwang watwan /
2. katuhu ngeumbing layeun ti / ti kenyca neueulkeun linycar / meresutkeun twang ramwa / kajungjung me ali Pyung / cab Tuy tapih
3. meubeut keuneung / ngeureut kana bitis kwaneng / bat lempay dina panahtaran / pug deui bujanggalawa / saurna bujanggalawa / utu-
4. n prebu puspalawa / adiing sya heula ti / ambuing watermelon in the middle / ikeun Aing peudeuri ti / lumalenggwak lumalenghway / na deu Ambu-

Location: Village Pamalayan, Bayongbong Subdistrict, Garut
Coordinates: 7 ° 17 '18 "S, 107 ° 49' 43" E
Directions: To reach the site Ciburuy can use various types of vehicles both public transport and private cars. However, public transport and OJEG only reach 200-300 m before the entrance area. Distance from Garut district 12 kms.
The time required Cileunyi ± 1.5 hours from Bandung to Garut City Terminal Ciawitali. Then ride the city transportation department Bayongbong about 30-50 minutes. From the highway districts can be reached by using OJEG ± 3 km at a rate of Rp. 5000, -. Then walk a bit down for a while to get custom home Kabuyutan Ciburuy.
Facilities: Souvenir Kiosk
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The time required Cileunyi ± 1.5 hours from Bandung to Garut City Terminal Ciawitali. Then ride the public transportation department Bayongbong about 30-50 minutes. From the highway district can be reached by using ojeg ± 3 km at a rate of Rp. 5000, -. Then walk a little down for a while to get to the custom house Kabuyutan Ciburuy

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