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In the year 1949-1950 this museum serves as the headquarters of the Division's first Siliwangi in Bandung. As a military headquarters, the building was once the main target of the attack of the Armed Forces Ratu Adil (APRA) on January 23, 1950 under the leadership of Raymond Westerling.
Mandalawangsit museum building was built around 1910,
To remember the importance of succession struggle '45 to young people, the museum founded Mandala Wangsit this Siliwangi. This museum contains a collection of historic objects in the struggle for independence, during the war and the struggle of other people of West Java. Weapons traditionally shaped cleaver, dagger, swords, machetes, spears, pana, bamboo swords, samurai, and firearms of various types can be found in this museum. In addition to a collection of tools - a tool of war above, there are also photos - photos of struggle between the years 1945-1949, photographs of the heroes and other bersejaran photographs.
This historic museum was inaugurated by the Regional Commander III / Siiliwangi 8th on May 23, 1966. This museum has also functioned as educational advice. Therefore, to support as a means of education, the Museum features paintings Mandala Wangsit Siliwangi dioramas and audio-visual room for documentary film screenings. But unfortunately, since 1990 audio visual room can not be used anymore because of damage. The various objects used in the first fight by a youth in West Java in opposition to various forms of colonialism are stored in the Museum Mandala Wangsit Siliwangi.
The museum is located on the road Lembong No. 38, Bandung. Construction of this museum lasted for 5 years (1910-1915). This museum was built as a residence Dutch officer. After Indonesia gained its independence, the building was taken over by army troops Siliwangi (circa 1949-1950) and used as headquarters Siliwangi Division.
Siliwangi itself is the name of a founder of the Kingdom of Pajajaran, the famous king is wise and prudent and dignified in performing their duties in government. While Wangsit Mandala is a place to store the message, advice, or advice-advice from the fighters of the past to future generations in the form of legacy objects.
The building was inaugurated as a museum Mandala Wangsit Siliwangi on date May 23, 1966 by the Division Commander Colonel Ibrahim Siliwangi Adjie to VIII. Then in 1979 built second floor ago inaugurated on November 10, 1980 by the 15th Military Commander Maj. Gen. Siliwangi Yoga Sugama and inscriptions was signed by former President Soeharto.
Objects that we can find in this museum, among others, cleaver-shaped form of traditional weapons, kris, swords, machetes, arrows, spears, Samurai, bamboo swords, guns of various types, and even military vehicles ever used. Showrooms that are available consist of:
• The first room we will find when entering the museum is a space "age of the Indonesian nationalist movement". We will be directly confronted with the figure's robe Kyai Supreme Caringin derived from Menes-Bantam, and Hj. Arif Hasan Cimareme origin.
• The next room is a space "Seconds Proclamation". Here there are collections such as manuscript proclamation of independence, and the Red-White flag which had flown by D. Suprayogi at August 17, 1945. There are also tables and chairs that had been used to plan for drafting the text of the proclamation at Soekarno-Hatta was exiled to Rengasdengklok.
• Space that the 3rd is the "Theater Bandung", the events that have occurred in the city of Bandung, for example like "Bandung Sea of ​​Fire". In addition to paintings depicting the events of Bandung Sea of ​​Fire, there are also paintings of members of the TRIP (military students) Regiment II Battalion 8 Division IV Siliwangi 1946 and uniform members of TRIP.
• Last Room on the 1st floor is a space "War of Independence". But we still can visit and browse the collections of the museum's second floor, such as stumps battalion, Westerling cruelty photos and APRA, and other collections relating to the rebellion APRA-RMS.
The advantage of this museum is the collections which always maintained its authenticity. Therefore, also visit Bandung and identify the legacy of its history.
Siliwangi Wangsit Mandala Museum, opened to the public on Monday-Thursday, till 08:00 o'clock 13:00 pm, Friday at 08.00 s.d. 10:00 am, and Saturday at 08.00 s.d. 12.00 am.

Location: Jalan Lembong No. 38, Bandung.
Coordinates: 6 ° 55 '2 "S, 107 ° 36' 41" E
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Facilities: parking, showrooms, public toilets.
Opening hours: Opened to the public on Monday-Thursday, at 08.00 - 13.00, Friday 08.00 - 10.00 am, and Saturday from 8:00 to 12:00 pm.
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