malela waterfall

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Located far from residential areas, waterfall Malela high waterfall is 70 m and 20 m wide which has a panoramic view of nature that is still natural and beautiful. If you are a nature lover who likes a challenge, Go through the path to the waterfall climb the steep and rocky and muddy, before you finally rewarded with treats Curug Malela natural beauty. When time permits, encamped for one or several nights in this area so that you can truly experience the blend with the local nature.

Address: Kampung Manglid, Desa Cicadas, District cavity, Regency Bandung
Coordinates: 7 ° 0.438 'S 107 ° 12.421' E
Direction: ± 60 km south of Bandung
Facilities: parking, kiosk, toilets
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The location is located in Kampung Manglid, Desa Cicadas, Kec. Cavity, Kab. West Bandung. Distance from the city of Bandung + 60 km, can be reached by using public transportation.

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