Halimun Mountain National Park

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Mist Mountain is one of the protected areas and conservation of the largest tropical rain forest in West Java. In 1992 the region established by the Government of Indonesia as a national park. Mist the name is taken from the weather in this region, because in the morning and the evening quiet forests and mountains often shrouded in mist or 'mist' (in Sundanese).
Mist Mountain National Park to save biological diversity of species is very high, composed of lower plants, vines, plant height, and even including 75 species of orchids, some of which are rare species. You'll see interesting things in this area form a bridge canopy (canopy walk) which is provided for visitors to see and enjoy the natural coolness at the height of 20-25 m above the ground. 100 m long bridge will help the visitors to see the activity of the animals without scaring and disturbing the animals.
Biological or ecological potential of the Mist Mountain National Park can be viewed as something precious and crucial to the region around it. This park can be considered as a reserve of water large enough for the Northern and Southern regions of West Java. With these values, Mist Mountain National Park is an attraction that you should not miss in Sukabumi.
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Coordinates: 6 ° 47 '38 "S, 106 ° 28' 50" E
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Directions: One and a half hour car drive from Jakarta to the Lido, and then into the park using PPKAB operational vehicles.
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