Salak Mountain

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For you fans of geology, Mount Salak may be a major attraction you visit in Bogor Regency. Sediment rocks formed above the pre-activity of Mount Salak, this mountain-shaped hills that spread out and separated parents, such as Mount Peuteuy, Mount groats, Mountain and Mount Cileueur Menyan. The hills are located on the north and northwest, and is composed of andesite lava, tuff breccia, and lava glass. In the west composed of basaltic lava is black dark, while there are good outcrops on Cikuluwung and Cisalada flow on the upstream side; in the bottom and riverbank outcrop of thick slabs of lava structures, and in the upper singkapannya, in the form of lava breccia.
Some experts say that the volcano Gunung Salak including type B because the volcano is in level solfatara. Mount Salak had erupted after the year 1600 and the last eruption occurred in 1983, though only in the crater of eruption preatik Cikaluwuung Princess.
In addition to the interesting geological formations, Mount Salak also offers a beautiful landscape, complete with stories and myths metaphysics highly viscous, making the mountain is still shrouded by the mists of natural as well as a strong mystery and unsolved until now.

Coordinates: 6 25 '26 "S, 106 33' 21" E
Directions: 35 km from Bogor City, can be reached in 1 hour by car via the road through two pathways, namely Cibatok Village, District Cibungbulang, and Cikampak Village, District Ciampea.
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