Juan Park

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History of Forest Park formerly known as Dago Pakar was started in 1922, when the boundaries are set. In 1963, the protected forests began to be prepared as a forest or a botanical garden tours. Therefore, an area of ​​30 ha at the beginning planted with trees from different regions, both within and outside Indonesia.
Top Ideas Governor of West Java Province on August 23, 1965, the forest was inaugurated as the Botanical Gardens / Forest Recreation Ir. H. Djuanda. In 1980 management transferred from Perhutanioffice to the Directorate General of Protection and Preservation of Nature (now the Directorate General of Protection and Nature Conservation / PHPA).
You can see different types of plants that grow in this forest. There are approximately 2500 trees belonging to 40 families of 108 species, including Sumatran Pine, Teak, Bayur Sulawesi, Java Teak, Mahogany Uganda, Big Leaf Mahogany, sausage tree, Pinus or Tusam, Tusan Mexico, and Kaliandra. While the fauna is comprised of various species of birds and mammals, including Ketilang or Cangkurileung, starling, cuckoo, eagle, turtledove, Quail Stone, Weasel, and squirrels or squirrel.

Coordinates: 6 51 '29 "S, 107 37' 50" E
Directions: 8 miles north of downtown Bandung
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