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ake a stroll in the morning headed north Bandung, where you will arrive at the attraction Punclut. This object is a hilly area not far from the center of Bandung. On Sunday mornings or other holidays are usually a lot of visitors who come to this area with the goal of exercise. This is due to the streets around a pretty uphill attractions plus the coolness of fresh air that makes this location very suitable for sporting activities such as walking leisurely morning.
You can achieve this object through Ciumbuleuit Street. Along the road leading to the top area attraction, you'll see the scenery quite beautiful northern Bandung lined with stalls and street vendors on either side of the road, which sells a variety of knick knacks ranging from food to household needs.
In addition to the exercise, you can also enjoy various traditional foods typical of this area, such as rice lead, Tutut (a type of snail is cooked), pecel sauce served with a simple dish but is able to arouse appetite of visitors who come to this area.
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Coordinates: 6 ° 50.842 'S 107 ° 37.666' E
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Directions: From downtown Jakarta to Bandung Ciumbuleuit north to the area, then down at the Hospital Salamun the road to Bukit Raya.
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