Tea Plantation Sumbawa

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Attractions Tea Plantation Sumbawa is one of the tea estates owned by the Tasikmalaya region. This plantation has a topography that is folded with small hills, complete with a cool and fresh air. At this location you will see a panorama of rural which has its own beauty, the expanse of rice plants and walking trails that form a stair-rise - a beautiful natural scenery second to none.
In addition to tea plantations, other sights that you can enjoy is a mountain that looks very pretty, which makes the attraction of these plantations is more interesting to visit. Along the road to this attraction you'll be treated with a variety of shades, both natural and rural life of local residents with an interesting culture.
Location: District Taraju
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Directions: About 22 km from District Salawu, 65 km from Tasikmalaya, and 7 hours from downtown Bandung
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