Gold Mine Pongkor

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Objects owned by Gold Mining Business Unit (UBPE) Pongkor, state-owned PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (Antam) was first exploited in 1974. Here you can see the gold mining process which must go through a series of processes of drilling, blasting, dredging, transportation, and backfilling. To get the gold from the veins, Antam to build a major tunnel diameter of 3.3 meters to 3 meters high. If continue to be followed, this tunnel will penetrate into the Mount Pongkor about 4 kilometers away. The door of the portal concrete is the only place out of the mine.
In this tunnel, there are four large holes for ventilation. With this kind of ventilation, one can bear to stay for two days in a tunnel without having to run out of clean air. If you want to enter the tunnel of gold, all mining regulations must be complied with, ranging from an insurance card, boots, wearpack clad, helmeted perched up a flashlight on it and do not forget, masks must be worn.

Location: shove, Bantarkaret Village, District bear
Coordinates: 6 39 '44 "S, 106 ° 35' 6" E
Directions: 54 kilimeter from the city of Bogor
Opening Hours:
More Information: Office of Tourism, Arts and Culture in Bogor District
Jl. Fresh III Kav. Government Offices Complex V Cibinong Bogor

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