Mount Galunggung

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You might be stunned by one of the wonders of Mount Galunggung, the lake contained within the crater. Uniquely, the cold water from the lake that does not smell of sulfur and it is different from other volcanoes in Indonesia. When the weather is sunny, you can watch other natural wonders of the rivers coming down from the hills of Mount Galunggung that looks as if from the sky.

At the foot of this mountain you will get a hot water bath containing a mineral believed to cure skin diseases or health and physical fitness. In addition, you can also climb the crater of Mount Galunggung through the "ladder 1000" and "blue ladder" and go down to the bottom of the crater to be a close look at the lake with small island in the middle-tengannya.
With the uniqueness and beauty of it, tour the Mount Galunggung will make a memorable experience for you and your family.
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Coordinates: 7°15,693'S, 108°5,226'E
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Directions: 17 miles to the west of the Sea of ​​Tasikmalaya, 100 km from Bandung, and 350 km from Jakarta.
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