Angguk Rengkong

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Nod Rengkong namely rice bearer instrument in use at the show Rengkong. Rengkong nod made of Awi Guluntungan (Bamboo logs), there are nearly in every region in the Tatar Sunda.
When Angguk Rengkong in use to carry the rice while walking or moving will remove noise caused by friction between the bearers (Angguk Rengkong) with straps rice (Salang). Paddy strap is also made of bamboo that is Awi Ropes.
Two rings on a pole would cause the fusion of sound. What if pikulannya Iebih than one then the friction with the Salang Rengkong nod (rice straps) will also cause a variety of sounds and rhythms will lead alloy rhythmic sounds good enough to be heard even though there is no tone or song that tersajikan. What more if more than one pole, they run bersamasama.
The development of art helaran Rengkong will not be separated from Rengkongnya own nod. Because it's in an area that residents farmed, there are some residents that the land set aside land for planting bamboo as material for Rengkong nod, as in pesawahan areas, especially in the village of Indigenous Ciptarasa (formerly Sirnaresmi) in the district of South Sukabumi. Also in areas such Priangan Banjaran and Ciwidey in Bandung regency. Rengkong always be in included in the ceremony Seren Taun or Iainnya People's Party in connection with Talari.
Rengkong nod to the Art helaran, papa pemikulnya will be at the front. Followed by an entourage of Angklung and dogdog and bearer processing equipment fields., Such as the Hoes, Garu, plow and farmer who occasionally ranks berjingrak Angklung follow the rhythm of the rhythm and sounds accompanied Rengkong nod.
Rengkong nod was given a decoration with bamboo strips for finger length is about 50 cm, in pairs at both ends pointing upwards at each end and put it in the original flower or flower decorations from colored paper or colored fabric. When the players walk or drive Rengkong pikulannya the bamboo stalks that will sway and flowers, too, adds to pull it rocked the scene. But now Ranggeuyan (stalk) on the nod Rengkong already in the can so rarely be made as Rengkongnya Iangka goods.
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