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Legend "Nyai Loro Kidul"
Inna Samudra Beach is one of 16 units Inna Hotel Group under the auspices of PT.Hotel Indonesia Natour, located in the city Palabuhanratu - West Java, on the South Sea coastal region bordered by mountains with coordinates 6 ° 57.815 'S 106 ° 30.428' E, tropical forests with rivers trajectory that describes an enchanting natural beauty and full of culture and legend.
One of the well known legend associated with the city Palabuhanratu, the legend of Queen of the South Sea or Nyai Loro Kidul, which can be briefly described in the passage as follows:
That said, West Java, once ruled by a powerful king, named King
He was a king who is very famous and wise. He has a beautiful empress and several people Concubine. One day the Empress gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. The presence of this little baby makes them very happy, but this is not favored by the concubine of King. The baby grew bigger and more beautiful face and on her mother, she was named after Princess Lara Kadita and he would be heir of the throne of his father's kingdom. Therefore the King had loved and loving daughter Lara Kadita.
Meanwhile, the concubine who tried to get rid of Princess Lara Kadita, make a conspiracy. They used black magic to destroy the life of the Empress and his beautiful daughter, and eventually the power of evil and black magic that has made the Empress and her daughter's face became very foul, and their bodies to stink. Because their situation is very dire, then the king ordered them to leave the palace, because if allowed they will bring disaster to the whole kingdom.
So they departed from the palace and wander aimlessly in the forest. They strolled quiet streets in order not to meet other people who unwittingly they headed to the south. Their suffering is very severe and unbearable, until finally the Empress died in the course of his odyssey. Stay Kadita Princess Lara by himself in a desperate state. He kept wandering and much suffering no one to comfort her.
On a day because it was too tired and hungry, he fainted, when he regained consciousness he heard the sound waves from the south. These sounds rouse him to resume his journey, and then he walked on toward the sound and finally he saw a very beautiful scenery, a vast ocean with the waves - large waves crashing on the beach rock. Then he sat and rested on one of these rocks, which is now called Karanghawu and become a famous tourist attraction and is located about 8 km to the west of Inna Samudra Beach.
By the time he sat on a rock, he fell asleep and dreamed. In his dream he was told that the condition and beauty can be restored if he cleaned himself by jumping into the sea and drown himself. After waking and sleeping, he was standing on the rock pingggir and jumped into the sea. Apparently recovered his body and his face became beautiful again. Since then, she became Queen at sea, and reigned over the southern part of Java Island and since then also he titled "Nyai Loro Kidul" which means "Queen of the South Seas".
Most communities in the area Palabuhanratu until today still believe in the power that ruled the South Seas, so to commemorate this, April 6, defined as the Fisherman's Day for the city Palabuhanratu ¬ Sukabumi, where the celebrations are always carried out activities Sea Party (moored Saji ) that no other core objectives is to beg God Almighty continues to provide protection and prosperity.
In connection with the Legend as well as trust and part of society, the Ocean Beach Hotel has been conditioned to a special room as a picture of Legend Nyai Loro Kidul, ie room # 308 which can be found in it a variety of equipment and paintings relating to the South and East Nyai Legend comes from the Domestic and foreign visitors.
Would be an interesting experience for the visitors Inna Samudra Beach when they have been aware of the room # 308, because with more know the description of the legend that it can also preserve the culture and legends of the people of West Java, Indonesia in particular.
As for the opinions and experiences concerning other matters relating to room # 308, then returned to the faith and trust that is in each person.
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