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Bangsing is a wind instrument that is almost contained in every region in Tatar Sunda. The material is made from AM Tamiang (bamboo species) of the hollow 7 (seven) pieces, where the 6 units as a regulator of tone and the other one
located near pongpok (closed) as a source of sound. How to play it is by blowing a hole in a transverse sound source, while the fingers play a tone through the holes that totaled 6.
Besides playing to entertain themselves, in Cirebon Bangsing also used as an adjunct to the performances of Gamelan Prawa Ibing Mask Cirebon, but the penggarapnya Bangsing call this as a flute. In some other areas in Tatar Sunda, Bangsing used as a complement to the Bamboo Orchestra, Orchestra Cuttings and then berunah into Malay Orchestra, which in turn is known as Music Dangdut.

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