Curug Muarajaya

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As the name suggests, this waterfall is a waterfall that spills water flowing split at the top of the hill. It presents a panorama of water spills on the beautiful blue sky, cool air, and green trees surrounding atmosphere in the tourist district Argapura. There are also field as an area for camping for visitors, this place can be an alternative for visitors who have a hobby of adventure. In addition to promising peace and tranquility, peace is also a combination of a compact to support its own charm, but at this camping area is underdeveloped.
Waterfall in the village of Muara Argamukti Jaya, District Argapura run in 1999. Where the distance that must be taken to get to this waterfall is +20.1 km from the center of Majalengka. Curug broad estuary of +2 Ha Jaya. The distance from the parking lot to the waterfall is the +300 m in the form of a path that has been used paping block. Attractions: Jaya Muara waterfall offers a panorama of natural beauty with a 73 m high waterfall which consists of three pedestals. The cool air to the expanse of vegetables and persimmon trees became an attraction for nature enthusiasts. This region is an alternative route to the summit ascent of Mount Ciremai, in addition to this location at a ceremony held annually pareresan performed after harvest. Attraction is much in demand by visitors, with the average number of visitors on holiday visitors as much as +200, +20, and the day visitors with regular admission price of Rp. 4.000/orang. While the number of visitors in 2007 amounted to 15 782 visitors and in 2005 amounted to 32 300 visitors, from 2005 - the year 2007 has decreased traffic levels.
Facility located at Muara Curug Jaya is a parking lot, children's playground, meeting bale, toilets, shop, shelter, rooms, camping ground, and the counter (ticket). The road to attractions, from Maja market is quite good with asphalt construction, the condition is wide so it can be passed by two-way car vehicle with a smooth road, but about some areas there is still lack of transportation facilities damaged in the form of public transport leading to the waterfall, but only pickups and motorcycles.
Location: Mount Ceremai, Argamukti Village, District Argapura
Coordinates: 6 ° 55 '1:39' S 108 ° 21 '24.01 "E
Directions: Approximately 4 hours from downtown Bandung.
Opening Hours:
More Information: Majalengka Tourism & Culture Regional Office, Jl. Cooperative Movement, Majalengka, Tel. (0233) 282285, e-mail:


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