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Hatong found in almost all regions in Tatar Sunda. Made of wood or ceramic and horn Hatong commonly used by lovers or Pigeon Bird Dara. Before the birds are usually paired Hatong released first on the tail. Hatong shape is similar to the Canting, which is a tool to do when making batik painting on fabric.
When Bird Dara was aired, it will sound like air ships. Whether or not a loud sound Hatong determined by the speed of the bird when flying in the air. Hatong holes have a hole in one but some are perforated and painted two colorful. Apart from being a sound tool mounted on a pigeon, there is also the type hatong made from buffalo horn tip and the base has been hollowed. Then there are holes in the end is blown like a trumpet blowing techniques, it will produce a very loud sound. Usually
Hatong is used by hunters to communicate with friends in the forest.

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