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Icikibung a fresh entertainment for the people close to rivers. Starting from a village girl who was bathing in a river. They shower with a friend while splashing water. Because the movement of the hands of her village heard the sound of "pong pong pak pak pak and ting ting ting pong pong ting pack".
Furthermore, because the more the public liked, but because the movement of the hands of the girl, in Iengkapi some waditra made ​​from bamboo. Shaped like Lodong called fatigue (fatigue is smaller than usual, the bamboo tube to collect water from the river).
The surface of the fatigue that does not exist pongpoknya (not closed) slapped the water and there was the sound of "boom boom bem bem".
These performances are in the entertainment before the circumcision of children. When painkillers do not exist, the child will be in circumcision, previously cooled in the river (in baalan). That is when the boy in circumcision, the pain is reduced or altogether imperceptible. At the time of the child to be circumcised bathing in the river, then this Icikibung art troupe to join. So invite people want to watch.
When the boy finished the circumcision, the people who come to watch you, iangsung give prize money to the child at circumcision (nyecep).
So Icikibung art as it is about entertainment, as well as a tool to attract the attention of the neighbors. Since it is not iangsung they are in demand to give to children in panyecep the circumcision.
Location: Kampung Sirnaresmi, Wanakerta Village, District Cibatu, Garut
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