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Karinding is a small musical instrument made ​​of palm trees or bamboo, but the sound is quite loud. The instrument is found in almost all over the world with diverse materials and techniques to play it. Karinding palm-shaped slab of wood or bamboo that is formed in such a way a way to carve the middle so it looks like a protruding tongue, which when hit will vibrate and cause a distinctive voice. To harden and set the high and low sounds are produced, which will regulate mulutlah cavity as a resonator. Karinding arts luminaries, among others Uyut Idung, Father John, and father Ian, who all died, while his successor is still there, among others, D. Suryadi, M. Sodikin, U. Nukorobin, A. Saepudin. In development at Cikalong Kulon Cianjur, there are additional devices, namely zither, Kolotok, and Goong. Dl probably other areas there is also the addition of the device as the development of art Karinding.
Address: Village Cirama Girang, District Cikalong Kulon
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