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Arumba is one kind of folk music found in almost every area in West Java. This device is made of bamboo options such as AWI friends, rope and wulung (black bamboo).

In between there is a set of angklung waditranya bertangga diatonic tones, because that music is an outgrowth of arumba angklung which has long been found in West Java.

There is also a xylophone with a variety of functions. In addition to presenting instrumental, this music also can accompany the singing. The songs are in sajikannya not only the songs that exist in West Java alone, namely folk songs of West Java, and even pop songs and dangdutan can at present. Also the song is taken from outside the area of West Java bahklan foreign lagulagu (west).

In the performances on stage or in an open arena in a room. The eemainnya stand, they sometimes demonstrate small movements as if dancing or Joged.

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