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Arts Toleat has an interesting story earlier. Originally initiated by the buffalo herders (slave Angon - Sunda tongue) in their carry pesawahan after the rice harvest in the District Sukamandi, Subang regency.
That said, the buffalo herders it is accidentally cut the rice stalks are then dilobangi and inflated, causing the sound. Then simultaneously blow the herders were shouted to each other while sitting on a buffalo. An art that reflects the rural areas in West Java.
Ultimately, art is in addition Toleat sung during the rice harvest, often in pentaskan at weddings and circumcision feast of salvation which was held at lunch time and evenings. Clothing worn by the Wiyaga is Kampret clothing, Clothes Takwa, Polet and Iket Gloves Head (Bendo for men), and Kebaya (for Sinden).
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