Angklung Dogdog Lojor

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Artistry in community dogdog there lojor Kasepuhan pancer Pangawinan or Indigenous Unity of South Bantam scattered around the Mist Mountain (adjacent to Sukabumi, Bogor and Lebak). Although this art is called dogdog lojor, ie name of one waditra in it, but there also used Angklung for something to do with the ritual of rice. Once a year after harvest, the entire community held an epidemic sera h or seven epidemic in traditional village center. Traditional village center residence kokolot (elders) where he is always moving in accordance with the instructions supernatural.
The tradition of respect for rice is still held among the public because they include people who hold fast to the old custom. By tradition they claim to be descendants of the officers and soldiers in the palace Pajajaran baresan pangawinan (soldier armed with a lance). Kasepuhan community has embraced Islam and somewhat open to the influence of modernization, as well as things that are entertainment and the pleasures that can be enjoyed. This attitude also affect the function of art since around the 1970's dogdog lojor has been progressing, which is used to enliven the circumcision of children and other events.
Instruments used in this lojor dogdog are two and four dogdog lojor Angklung. The four pieces that have the name of the Angklung, the largest so-called bark, then Panembal, Kingking and Inclok. Each instrument is played by a player so that all six people.
The songs include song Dbgdog lojor Bale Agung, Side Hideung, shaky-shaky Panganten, The stumps Kawung, Adulilang and Adu-complaint. These songs form a rhythmic vocal Angklung dogdog and tend to stay.
Slightly different from that never tersaksikan in the 1970s in the village of Indigenous Sirnaresmi district. Cisolok Kab. Sukabumi. Here the number Angklungnya more and displayed by the two groups as if the opposite as well as compete in showing the diversity of skills. In compact each group demonstrated various Iangkah while beating Angklungnya and dogdog lojor. They meloncatloncat together, sliding and running around to avoid interference with other groups. They ran Oray-pattern data as well as playing Ucing orayan-ucingan, sating lurking and disperse another group.
In a ceremony in Sirnaresmi seren epidemic in the 70s engaged in helaran Ngakut Pare. Then after Ampih Pare, dogdog lojor line appears showing his skills to entertain the visitors ceremony. With the presence Gondang and Dimples which adds interesting rhythmic audio-visual atmosphere in front of the eye.
On the east Priangan the only description of the presence of the device is in the Angklung dogdog lojor Limbangan Garut. Thus, according to I. Kusnadi Culture Kandepdikbud district inspectors. Limbangan Kab. Arrowroot.
Art dogdog this lojor since 1900 has been in the village of Sukadana district. BL. Limbangan Kab. Arrowroot. By a resident of the village is named Mr. Abdul.
According to this story lojor dogdog term created by the tools or the use of dogdog waditra length made of tree jambe (nut) and fitted by an Angklung and Iebih menyemarakan Kohkol to vote.
According to local belief pendudu art is meant to appeal to the Almighty to be reduced during the dry season when the rains came, while bathing a cat, and paraded in a gang. But now kesentan this is only a means of entertainment either individually or on formal occasions or national holidays.
Around the 1930's, Mr. Abdul died and this art is only continued by his son, Mr. Aaron (80 years) that still exist today.
Art dogdog lojor was supported by eight players, among others
- Two players Angklung
- Three players dogdog length (lojor)
- Two players Kohkol
- One person keprak as a complementary player
This show long on average 1-2 hours when displayed to the public, but can be shortened if the performances for the National acaraacara like Independence Day Anniversary.
While the clothing worn by the players of piety shirt, pants and totopong sontog. Similarly, descriptions of dogdog lojor singakt in the region Sukadana Village district. BL. Limbangan Kab. Arrowroot. What a pity if the art of ta / ari (tardisional) will be eroded away by the time that no longer encourage its preservation (talari paranti) as Sundanese cultural heritage.

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