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Bangklung art is a blend of Art Fly Art Angklung. Art Terebang taken from the word "bang" and the Art of Angklung taken the word "klung". Art is in the name Bangklung instigated by Mr. R. Rukasa Kartaatmadja, Head of the Cultural District Garut. The tenants of Art and Art Angklung Terebang community supporters also agree and accept gladly.
Early growth is in the Village Art Bangklung Babakan Garut Village District Cisero Cisurupan Garut. Because the majority of the population are Muslims then it will not escape the influence of Islamic Culture. They entertain themselves by singing with the accompanying Shalawat Prophet Terebang wasps. Even the religious leaders of Islam there using Terebang as a medium to spread his Islamic Da'wah. At that time there were two groups namely Terebang Art: The art of leadership Terebang H. Ma'sum dam Majusik Aki Art Terebang leadership.
Waditra are in use consists of
- Terebang to-I called Kempring who serves as manager Tempo
- Terebang to call Tempas-II and its function is as a companion Kempring
- Terebang to-Ill called Bangsing ie as Kempui (Small Goong)
- Fourth Terebang called Goon as Goong
- Terebang the V function is called the Son as Savior Song (As with other Gamelan Kendang on the device).
The development of this Terebang updated continuously and in a neat layout, forming another Terebang Arts in called Nerebang or Nyalawat Shalawat word derived from NCBI. Songs that are at present mostly sourced Arabic Book ari Barjanjij containing praise to the Prophet Muhammad.
Eventually there is a change in this Terebang Art of the penggarapnya waditra add another form of Angklung consisting of:
- Four Collapsing Angklung Angklung that serves as a follower of Roel
- Four Angklung Roel which functions as Savior Song
- A fruit Angklung Engklok void filler that is as wasps from Angklung Collapsing and Roel Angkluk
- A fruit as a melody Tarompet
Angklung figures Badud ie Muntasik and Aki Aki Mausurpi and figures Terebang namely H. Ma'sum and Aki Majusik negotiate and finally agree that between Art and Art Angklung Terebang Finally united and formed this Bangklung Art.
In addition to presenting the songs that breathe to Islamization, Art Bangklung lagulagu also presents a language such as Sundanese Soleang,. Anjrag, Beans and Tokecang. In the show also included a dance in which the dance is very simple motion that describe the behavior of farmers when processing fields in the countryside.
From the dance timbulah other forms of art called Art Yami Rudat. In addition to the symbols of the song-syiarnya Shalawat Prophet there is also a form of innuendos about the situation at that time. It is an attraction as his supporters so increasingly in Art Bangklung enjoy doing by the audience.
Clothing is in use by the players Bangklung the musician Terebang and Angklung Badud Kampret wearing clothes, pants and Totopong Sontog. The dancers were btrpakaian same just different colors, these are intended to distinguish the task of portraying.
Number of players Bangklung of 20 people consisting of:
- 5 people musician Terebang
- 7 people Angklung player Badud
- 8 people as a dancer Yami Rudat
Of the many players Bangklung, one of them became leader of the group Bangklung and usually in select yan oldest among them.
Location: Kampung Babakan Garut, Cisero Village, District Cisurupan, Garut
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