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Art is in the village of Tanjung Badeng districts blossom Rajapolah Tasikmalaya District.
According to the story of this art comes from the village Badeng Sukamerah Pagerageung district.
Art is in pergelarkan Badeng at circumcision party, but at this time sometimes in pergelarkan on state occasions.
Badeng performing arts forms is supported by 14 players, among others: 7 people Angklung interpreter, the interpreter Dog 4-dog, 2-dog Dog Badeng interpreter, an interpreter Angklung Badeng. While in use Angklung Angklung kind with beans or Badud of 7 pieces in play as Angklung melody but not the same song by song on Angklung Beans.
One of the leading cultivators Badeng Angklung is the father of Ahri Sobari.
Similarly, a brief description of the village of Tanjung Art Badeng districts blossom Rajapolah Tasikmalaya district. According to the father of Ahmada Husna inspectors Rajapolah Cultural District education offices, district Tasikmalaya.
Art is also located in the village Badeng Sukabatu Sanding village district. Malangbong Kab. Arrowroot, according to testimony from one of the leaders in the area in the estimate has been there since centuries to 17.Istilah Badeng itself comes from the word meaning Pahadreng deliberation, but there is also a saying derived from the Arabic meaning badiun weird. Badeng waditra creator is embah Santing, Acok grandparent, grandparent and grandparent Nursaen Arpaen.
Every time you hold Badeng art performances, then the local population prior to the tomb grandparent berjiarah Acok (Sanding village head) as a sign penghtormatan for his services in creating the art Badeng.
In the 18th century in art Badeng proceed by Madnuki, Djaja, Suminta and Madja.
In the 19th century and continued by sarkowi Naedji. While the years 1950 -1970 in proceed by Kohri, Saman and Suherman.
Forms of art performances Badeng is supported by seven players who have the following functions: 2 people-dog musicians Dog lojor, a person holding Roel Angklung, a person holding Angklung intelligence, a person holding Angklung Goon, a person holding Angklung Kencrung, 1 person kawih interpreter. Dog-dog players while beating sometimes in barengi with dancing.
Similarly, brief story about Badeng contained in the kampong Tanjungmekar District Rajapolah Tasikmalaya District, according to the narrative of the father Sukandi, Overseer Malangbong Cultural District education offices, Garut.
Location: Village Tanjung Blooms, District Rajapolah
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More Information: Mr. Ahri Sobari and Mr. Ahmada Husna, Kandepdikbud Cultural District Overseer Rajapolah, Tasikmalaya regency.

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