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Betok art created by Mr. Ani, also known as Mr. Betok, in 1912. This type of art including traditional theater that is religious because it was performed as a medium of information and education as well as the symbols of Islam.
Mr. Ani is an expert on mysticism. He was inspired to pursue a clue that people who berbudipekerti noble and piety to God Almighty must be through the medium of entertainment or art.
You will see that waditra that in use in the arts is one Kendang, two Kulanter, one fruit or Flying Rebana Large, Small Terebang one fruit, one fruit Kecrek, and one Tarompet. While the clothing worn is white or yellow shirt with black vest, black pants, cloth gloves, headband, one sontog pants, and shirts shucks. Betok number of players at least 12 people, five of them as Nayaga and seven as a player.
Location: Kampung Pasir Ipis, Harempoy village, Sukabumi District
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