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Cador is one type of People's Comedy Theatre in Tatar Sunda. The theater served as a distraction to the performances of Pencak Silat. So that the audience does not feel tense when watching Pencak Silat, then disuguhkanlah Bodoran-bodoran. Thus, was born the type of theater called Cador (an extension of the Pencak and Bodor).
Waditra used in this art is an outgrowth of the existing art of Pencak Silat. In addition to a set of wasp commonly used in Kendang Disabled, namely Kendang Kulanter Goon with two or more, Kendang Children with two or Iebih Kulanter, Tarompet and kempul Disabled. Also coupled or Keyboard and Accordion Bedug.
You will laugh at the funny stories like the Theatre Longser inserted. As for Goong and Kendang serves as a conduit of accentuation (emphasis) on the scenes that stand out, especially when players Bodor shows a prominent movement, such as hitting, running, falling and so on. If there is a humorous scene is also accompanying the Tarompet Disabled. A show that really funny and entertaining that can make your visit memorable Sukabumi.
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