Calung Renteng

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Calung Renteng or Calung Runtuy is a row of bamboo reeds in sequential order and the corresponding pitch length. Rows of reed-buluhnya in tissue that is a further strand in the stretch in two arched bamboo rod. In clubbing wear two o'clock slat (panakol) and held by a single left hand and right hand one. Moving from left to right or vice versa. There is also buluhbuluh is a strand in the cord. The other end is the most short reed in tying the pole or tree. The other end, tie the rope at the waist of the drummer. In the percussion used two bat (panakol) from top to bottom or vice versa.
Calung Renteng most barreled Salendro, among other songs, Song Beans, Bungur, Rangray, Cimplung, monkey Luncat, Mulung Muncang etc.. Can be witnessed in Baduy in Kanekes, District Leuwi Damar, Lebak District. In the village Ciptarasa, District Cisolok, Sukabumi district. In Priangan contained in Banjaran, District Banjaran, and the District of Bandung Regency Bandung Kabupeten Ciwidey.
Usually Calung Renteng in percussion at Saung (loom) by people who stayed with paddy rice which is yellow. In selasela banish the annoying bird was yellow rice, the rice-field watchman play certain songs to relieve boredom. Songs that are common in the sing, among others: Pok-pok Come, Papancara, Rara Muncang, Beans, and Berenuk Cimplung Backward.
Calung Renteng also the completeness of the music at a party event Seren Taun, or Feast of Harvest before icing helaran procession left for Granary.
Among the Bedouin community in Kanekes, jointly and severally Calung also played in my spare time are relaxed in tepas, in front of the house.
A pair of Calung Renteng end of the rope tied around the pole in front of the house, was a pair of rope at the other end fastened to the waist of the musician. Calung taken by road and then rolled up the rope ends in portable or in solendang to the shoulder, so it is not in a state of stretch so that no nuisance when it took him.
There is another form Calung Renteng dad is in the given standard made of bamboo, such as Gambang, this form is called Gambang Calung and artifacts in Banten.
Calung Renteng songs in Tasikmalaya is Rangrang Muncang while in Banten wiiayah there called Randa Keukeupan, Menta Kejo, Kejo Tutung, China Modar, Menta Seupah, Culut Endang. But there is also a song called Baradang (Ubar inflammation), disease (inflammation) due Calung one player at a time beating Bujang Bangas sang songs, as a tool in tabuhlah Baradang song.

Address: Bedouin in Kanekes, District Leuwi Damar, Lebak District, Kampong Ciptarasa, Cisolok District, Sukabumi Regency; Banjaran, Banjaran District, Bandung District, and District Ciwidey, Kabupeten Bandung.
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