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Like Gending Karesmen, but simple Iebih, terra and splinter story content to take from daily events in the community Tatar Sunda, like Dramaswara Kareta Fire, Wife repulse, Berekat Katitih Mahal, Saha etc.
Was first coined by H. Koko Koswara or Iebih known as Mang Koko either in or outside Tatar Tatar Sunda Sunda.
Waditra used can only use Sifter Kacapi waditra alone or a set consisting of Kacapi Sitter, flute or Rebab, Goong, Kendang, can also use the device that is waditra Other significant Degung Gamelan, Gamelan pelog or Salendro. Barrel that was used is pelog, Degung, Matraman, Sorog or Madenda (Na or Ti).
In creating Dramaswara, Mang Koko was always sprinkle joke, so as not to saturate the audience. The lyrics invite tickling laughs, sometimes the audience is also affected to
angry and annoyed when listening to lyrics that are sung by the players Dramaswara, the lyrics were even contain subtle innuendos that make us Seuri Maur (sheepish smile), like Dramaswara "Thanks to Katitih Mahal" which tells of a girl who sends Berekat (Box `of bamboo rice containing rice and side pauknya) to the neighbors and the neighbors at that time were many visitors and natives do not have anything to served, then when someone comes to send them collectively Berekat samaMurak (eat) Berekat, the indigenous regulate food there is in Berekat but when you're Balakecrakan (eating together), which sends Thanks girl had come again, is to reclaim Berekat earlier, he said Berekat the wrong address. If Berekat has been eaten, is demanding compensation in the form of money, because His mother told him so, of course it makes neighbors and guests confusion.

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