Calung Dalengket

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The origins of Calung Dalengket in Sub Weak Abang Jakarta District comes from a kind of shepherd children's games. The game is played after every harvest to take place in the fields or in fields (fields). These games are usually followed by young and old, men and women and are competing with the provisions of the most audience that as the winner. The duration of the game there is no provision which, depending the number of spectators.
Because this game does not use the referee, so often times cause a stir among the participants. Which is considered as a figure of cultivators in this game is Mr Amat and Mr. Endang.
Forms performances are supported by several players including:
- A person as an interpreter Flute player Toleat
- A person as an interpreter Komlat players (Sharon)
- A person as an interpreter players Kedemung
- A person as an interpreter Nenge player-2
- A person as an interpreter Gong player
- 1 extra player as a substitute
- A person as an interpreter fiddle player (Tarompet)
- 2 players as interpreter Gong.
Clothing that is in use everyday clothes, none is specified (free) that are important to attract attention and sympathy of the audience so they could become supporters.
Similarly, a brief description of art Calung Dalengket district in the region. Weak Brother Kab. Jakarta, according to the narrative of Abdul roup Suriady MOEC Weak Brother Bekasi District.
Location: Weak Abang Bekasi District
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